Current Project: Merfolk Field Expedition

The Journey continues

The Field Guide Team embarked in Summer 2018 on a globe-wide expedition of discovery and inspiration. Her most ambitious project yet, Bambi tackles the subject of Mermaids, Mermen, Merfolk, and the fabulous monsters that live under the waves. Using Muses and models of all shapes, sizes, and gender affiliations, Field Guide: Merfolk seeks to break stereotypes, as well as educate and entertain.


The Research team will be combing tomes and libraries, but also be crossing the planet and exploring its oceans, seas, lakes and rivers. In the tradition of ethnographers and field biologists, we will be blending into the pods we discover as we document and observe. A portion of the proceeds of the book sales will be donated to ocean preservation and cleanup organizations.

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Following in the wake of the successfully backed and published "A Field Guide to: Dragons, Serpents, and Wyrms of the World" and "A Field Guide to: Unicorns and Mythic Beasts of Hoof and Horn," the third book in this series explores Merfolk and their watery companions pulled  from traditions across the globe. 

Although related to the first two books, The third book in Bambi's "Field Guide" series will deviate from the first two. This book will be produced with traditional watercolor paintings, but will also incorporate digital painting techniques. Bambi Will be taking on the mantle of being the sole author, which will allow this book to change and evolve as the research progresses. 

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It is the goal of the Field Guide Team to document and include merfolk and their companions from ALL walks of life. These Magical beings come in every shape, size, color, creed, and gender identifiers. The Muses and Models for this project have been pulled from a variety of occupations, industries, pastimes and passions. These people are often the voice for the voiceless, and their stories and interviews will be available as a supplement.