The Multistabber Tarot: Now live on Kickstarter

The multi-stabber tarot deck is a charming and unique product which incorporates the art and vision of Mo Richard; thoughtfully finished by a community of artists following her unexpected passing in 2017.

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On August 13, 2017, we lost Mo Richard; the sweetest, kindest, most badass woman in the whole world.

Mo’s unique, vibrant and chill persona was enhanced by her deep love for her husband, family, friends and Jackalope Tattoo sisterhood. Her artistic talent in many mediums was second to none, and no one was surprised when she began to create her own tarot deck.

Following her shocking death from an aortic aneurysm, those who loved her began to slowly pick up the pieces of their lives. It became apparent that everyone shared a common goal. Complete Mo’s Tarot deck. Soon, a community of artists, friends and relatives began to form. This deck is a result of that collaboration. Using Mo’s original cards, her detailed notes for the deck, each artist created a card which honored Mo’s vision, while incorporating their own unique style.

We are deeply heartbroken that we will never hear her laugh again, or listen to another hysterical story, or learn a random nature fact, or share in the excitement over her most recent tattoo design, or listen to her nonchalant (but always spot on) observations about basic human rights; but with this tarot deck, with this project we honor the very essence of her spectacular being.

It is our hope that Mo fans both old and new, will delight in this creative, whimsical, well-thought out tarot card deck.

The Multi-Stabber herself: Mo Richard, and Horror Writer Husband, Sam Richard

The Multi-Stabber herself: Mo Richard, and Horror Writer Husband, Sam Richard

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Family Tree Clinic. 5% of the proceeds of the Multistabber Tarot will be donated to the Mo Richard Memorial fund.

Mo Richard lived with her husband Sam, their dog Nero, cat Romero and tortoise Duna in south Minneapolis until her unexpected death on August 13, 2017. She deeply loved her family and friends, and she excelled working at Jackalope Tattoo with kindred spirits, talented contemporaries and progressive, kind, like-minded artists.

Mo had multifaceted talent in many different artistic mediums and was creatively minded from a very young age. She loved animals, nature, serial killers and all things weird, creepy and spooky. Her passion for these interests are easily identified in the Major Arcana cards which she created for this deck.

Of course, this brief summary of what she did or liked will never come close to describing WHO she was, but we hope that you get to know her through her art and through this project.

Check out Mo’s memorialized Instagram account under: multistabber_mo

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Original art will be for sale on kickstarter

Original art will be for sale on kickstarter


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  • Kickstarter Launch Party and Art Show: Lakemonster Brewing, Saint Paul, Minnesota. Monday, September 9, 2019 at 7 PM – 9 PM CDT

  • Kickstarter Campaign ends: September 30th 2019

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